Signs That You Need Metal Chrome Restoration

Popular on everything from screw caps to cars, chrome-finished metal work can look striking. At least, it does when it is in good condition. As with all things, chrome can wear. There are some tell-tale signs that you need metal chrome restoration. Though chromium is highly corrosion resistant, it is not completely immun. A quick repair will minimise damage and keep costs down in the long run!

Pitted Chrome

Oxygen exposure causes chrome to destabilise. The result is spots and dull, oxidised chrome (known as pitting) across the surface. Chrome pitting is common on surfaces such as alloy wheels. It is caused when curbs scratch the protective coating, exposing the chromium to air and moisture.

Cleaning Pitted Chrome

Typically, pitting can be corrected in 3 simple steps. This can be performed at home, though we advise asking an expert to prevent further damage. The steps are:

  • Thoroughly clean the area with warm soapy water/wheel cleaner etc.
  • Polish the chrome using wire wool/sandpaper of the appropriate grit.
  • Reapply a protective clear coat, as damage to this is what leads to pitting.
Pitted Alloy Wheels
Old Rusty Pitted Chrome

Preventing Pitting

Finally, prevention is better than cure. Taking measures to maintain and preserve your chrome surfaces can help to avoid pitting occurring in the first place. Protective measures include:

  • Regular cleaning of chrome surfaces to remove debris.
  • Polish trims and rims after exposure to harsh conditions.
  • Apply rust and UV protectant products (following manufacturer’s instructions).

Rusty Chromium?

No, that isn’t rust on your chrome surface. Instead, the apparent appearance of rust is caused by damage to the plating, exposing the steelwork beneath. It is, in fact, the steel that rusts. Again, the surfaces most likely to experience this form of damage are on vehicles. This is because continuous exposure to the elements puts them at risk of stone chips, further worsened by water and road salt. Addressing this early can avoid a spread, resulting in more extensive repairs.

Tackling Rust On Your Vehicle’s Chrome

Cleaning and polishing with certain cleaners can help remove mild rust from your surfaces. Also, aluminium foil has a unique chemical reaction with rust, and is also soft, meaning it can remove rust without causing damage. However, as rust is a result of exposed sub-metal, extensive rusting may require professional metal chrome restoration.

Blistered Metal Chrome Restoration

Blistered Chrome Surfaces

Ultimately, blistering is a result of poor preparation at the plating stage. Gases expand from within the chrome plated metal surface, often present due to inefficient cleaning. When severe, theses blisters can be large and cause the plating to lift off completely!

Solution For Blistered Plating

Blistering means the plating has poor adhesion. Often, replating is the best or only solution. On the plus side, an experienced metal finisher such as The Electroplating Company provide competitive prices and a range of finishes to choose from. It is important to choose a reputable restorer for your chrome plating, as there are also a number of other issues that can occur during the process if it isn’t handled correctly…

Other Problems Caused During Plating & Manufacturing

As mentioned, there are a number of issues that can stem right from the start. While age and wear will still take its toll on well-performed chrome plating, poor-quality workmanship will significantly shorten the lifespan of your item. If you are experiencing any of the concerns below, there was likely an issue at the point of production:

  • Blistering
  • Cleavage fractures
  • Cold shuts
  • Cracking
  • Dullness
  • Milky deposits
  • Rough/sharp edges
  • Burned deposits

Call Our Expert Metal Chrome Restoration Company For Metal Chrome Restoration Today!

If you spot any of the signs or symptoms of deteriorating chrome, why not call the team at The Electroplating Company for a free, no obligation quotation? As you can see, there are a number of indicators that chrome metalwork needs restoration or replating. If left, damage can only get worse, and early treatment can save you money. Whether its your alloy wheels, bathroom fittings or chrome fixtures and fittings, no job is too big or too small. What’s more, we also provide manufacturing services for businesses, so you can be confident your chrome plating is at its best right from the point of production. Call us now on 0121 622 3386 for more details. Our services are available to customers all across the UK.

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