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Electroplating Birmingham

Providing electroplating in Birmingham and the West Midlands for over 30 years, the service you receive with us is second to none. Suitable for projects of all sizes, the metal plating process is useful for both decorative and protective purposes. From boosting shine to improving conductivity, adding fine metallic layers offers various enhancements depending on its use. This is why electroplating is such a versatile service, applicable for everything from nuts and bolts to kitchen utensils and we can also offer a wide range of finishes. Quotes are free, so get in touch to discuss your requirements with the team.

The Electroplating Process

The electroplating process involves submerging conductive items into an electrolytic bath containing various salts as well as the plating material itself. The item is negatively charged (the cathode) and positive electrodes (anodes) are added to the mix. Then, a direct current (DC) is passed through the solution. The current causes the metal in the solution to adhere to the cathode, forming a new, permanent metal layer.

Brass Plating

Brass plating is a popular choice when looking for a traditional or classic finish. We also provide a range of specialist brass finishes including brushed and antique.

Items That Can Be Brass Plated

Suitable for many applications, some of the most common items that can be brass plated include:

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Nickel Plating

Nickel plating is advantageous for corrosion resistance, improved durability, increased hardness and enhancing conductivity.

Items That Can Be Nickel Plated

Available in both a bright and satin finish, just some of the items that benefit from the application of nickel include:

Gold Plating

More cost-effective than solid gold, plating provides a luxury aesthetic that can be applied to many base metals. Did you know, that to qualify as ‘gold plated’ the layer must be a minimum of 7 millionths of an inch in depth?

Items That Can Be Gold Plated

While you can have everything and anything gold plated, from electronics to vehicles, the most common items we deal with include:

Copper Plating

Copper has warmer qualities than brass and gold and can be finished in various colour hues as well as bright, dull, semi-bright and satin.

Items That Can Be Copper Plated

With conductivity properties as well as visual appeal, there is a variety of candidates that can be copper plated, such as:

Chrome Plating

Highly popular for its appearance, chrome plating is a versatile finish that can be used anywhere. It can be lacquered and buffed to achieve different appearances.

Items That Can Be Chrome Plated

We have plenty of products and parts brought to us to be chrome plated on a daily basis. Most commonly:

Applying Metal Coatings On Plastic

We also have experience in applying metal coatings on plastic, by way of electroless plating. This process is similar to the traditional method but does not require a direct current. Instead, the solution used causes a number of chemical reactions that result in the plastic becoming negatively charged. Thus, drawing the metal ions to its surface to form an even and consistent coating.

Metal Plating FAQs

Electroplating is the process of applying a thin layer of copper, brass, nickel, gold or chrome to the surface of another base metal or plastic surface. The particles are positively charged and the item to be coated (cathode) is negatively charged using a direct current and ionic solution. This charge then attracts the ions to the surface.

There are many benefits to electroplating, including:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Reducing friction
  • Forms a protective barrier
  • Increases adhesion
  • Thickens metal
  • Increases conductivity
  • Improves appearance
  • Creates shine

Our factory can be found at:

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