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Antique and Bronze Metal Finishing Birmingham

Unique Brass specialises in antique and bronze metal finishing in Birmingham, where we put our 30+ years of experience to work. As well as polishing, electroplating, and restoration, we are highly skilled in creating stunning, aged and timeless effects for brass and many other alloys. From door knockers and letterboxes to statues and furniture, we have skilfully transformed lack-lustre items back to their former glory. Using tried-and-tested techniques and quality materials we can achieve a range of tones, textures and colours to suit your aesthetic objectives. Quotes are free without obligation, so give us a call or pop in to find out more.

Metal Antiquing

Metal antiquing can be achieved by applying brass or copper plating to other alloys to achieve a more traditional look and feel. Or, via the careful application of chemical oxidation solutions to create the appearance of age or wear typical with older items. Antiquing is popular with items such as interior fixtures and fittings, statues, candlesticks, and kick plates, but can be used in numerous ways. This is also referred to as chemical bronzing.

Bronzing Effects for Metal

Bronzing is yet another way that rustic and weathered appearances can be reached. Bronze coatings can imitate a range of patinas and come in numerous shades and varieties. We offer:

Finishing for Architectural Ironmongery

A particular area of our expertise lies within architectural ironmongery. Due to our skills in this field, we have worked on many refurbishment projects of this kind. This typically involves plating, bronzing, and finishing items such as hinges, window fittings and fixtures, door handles, knockers, letter plates, kick plates and even kitchenware and antique furnishings. As a result of our exceptional workmanship and attention to detail, it is an area we have become well-recognised for.

Aged Metal FAQs

Architectural ironmongery is a broad term used to refer to iron, steel, brass and aluminium items used in buildings for both decorative and practical purposes. Examples include locks, door furniture, window fixtures, cupboard fittings, switches, sockets and similar.

A living metal finish is a natural patina that is left unsealed and can therefore be affected by the elements. This exposure to oxygen and moisture means that living finishes can change in appearance over time. Typically lightening with use and darkening when left untouched for prolonged periods.

The lifespan of your finish will vary depending on the process used. For example, lacquering will help maintain appearances for a far longer time than a waxed one, as this would be a ‘living finish’. Regardless, you should expect your items to maintain their new look for a number of years with routine cleaning and upkeep. We can offer more detailed advice on a case-by-case basis.

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