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Bissell is renowned for its metal polishing in Birmingham and has become one of the most recognised finishers in the West Midlands. Established in 1984, our family-run business has 30 years of trade and employs over 70 years of industry experience. Our talents lie in metal and tube polishing, lacquering, bronzing and antiquing, degreasing, electroplating and finishing, with a specialism in brass work. No matter the material, whether nickel, gold, brass, chrome, copper or even ironmongery, we provide exceptional, long-lasting results. Also, we cater for both one-off commissions and large-scale commercial and industrial contracts alike. So don’t delay, contact us today for a free no-obligation quotation.

Types of Metal Finishes

There are so many metal finishes that can be achieved. We offer:

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Tube Polishing

Metal polishing creates a high shine, reflective surface and reduced friction. Thus, it not only looks striking but can help improve performance when applied in an industrial setting. Tube polishing for example, can remove dust, paint or rust build-up for use in manufacturing. Equally, a mirror shine is desirable in domestic and commercial settings such as on door furniture, bannisters and balustrades, signage etc.

Stove and Air-Dry Lacquered Metals

Lacquering creates a clear, protective shield that removes the need for polishing and extensive cleaning as well as increasing durability. Particularly helpful on aluminium, copper, brass and silver, it prevents exposure to air and so oxidisation does not occur. As a result, items maintain their shine!

Aged and Distressed Finishes

If you are looking for a finish that is more authentic for the age or nature of the piece, such as antiques or metalwork for period properties, we can help. Using, a range of techniques our team can create aged, weathered, and rustic effects and textures, perhaps more in-keeping with their end-setting. Speak to us about the many options available.

Degreasing Metal

In addition to polishing, we can assist in degreasing metal ahead of electroplating, painting or other treatments. The process is much more involved than a simple clean and the process breaks down and lifts the residue away. Much of our work in this area is to benefit the manufacturing and industrial sectors, where machine grease can impact material quality quite profoundly.

Who Benefits From Our Metal Finishing Services?

Polishing and Finishing FAQs

Absolutely! There are so many variants it is impossible to list all of them. However, that doesn’t mean we can help you achieve the finish you’re after. Speak to us directly to discuss your specifications and we will provide a free, no-obligation quotation.

Just some of the advantages professional polishing or finishing treatments can have for your metalwork, include:

  • Improved durability
  • Increased reflectiveness
  • Enhanced aesthetics
  • Added wear resistance
  • Increased conductivity
  • Boosted value (antiques)
  • Reduced friction
  • Removal of contaminants

No. We are careful and sensitive in our handling of antiques and aged metal to ensure no damage occurs. If we believe that your chosen finish will be inappropriate for the item then we can recommend suitable alternatives. Maintaining the integrity of your goods is our top priority.

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