Metal Restoration Birmingham

We are the go-to company for metal restoration in Birmingham and the West Midlands. With a combined 70+ years of hands-on experience in metal finishing, our team always aim to provide top-level service. Whether you have a single item needing TLC, or a large batch of goods that have seen better days, you can come to us for affordable restorative treatments. Quotes are free without obligation and our in-house experts will suggest the best techniques for the results you’re trying to achieve. From car parts to bathtubs nothing is off-limits, so get in touch to find out more.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

A highly popular request, alloy wheel refurbishment enhances the appearance of modern and classic vehicles alike. Whether your restoration goals are for historical accuracy or a modern high-shine we can help. We have carried out wheel refurbs for classic cars, sports cars, American cars, and motorbikes. Refurbishing the wheels of your vehicle can improve its value as well as make it look more appealing.

Bronze and Brass Restoration

We can bring solid bronze and brass back to life, removing stubborn tarnishing and restoring original lustre. As well as making old metals look new, we can also make newer metals look old! Using antiquing and bronzing techniques to achieve a weathered and dated effect, this form of reverse restoration is popular for achieving historical accuracy.

Antique Metal Restoration

As with bronzing, antique restoration typically involves making metal appear old rather than new. However, in the cases where the metalwork is still intact but dull, tarnished or heavily oxidised, our finishing techniques can help bring it back to its original state.

Metal Items We Have Restored

Just some of the many items we have restored and refurbished include:

Metal Restoration FAQs

If your item is suffering from tarnishing or heavy oxidisation then restoration is usually a perfectly viable option. In cases where metal has been significantly damaged, such as cracked, dented or corroded, then it may not be possible or cost-effective to salvage it. We are happy to take a look over your item and give you honest input on whether we can help free of charge.

Oxidisation is a chemical reaction between metal and oxygen that results in a natural patina developing. Commonly, oxidation is recognisable as a green-blue coating, typical of copper, bronze and brass. Or, in iron and iron-containing alloys such as steel, oxidation is identifiable as rust.

Contrary to popular belief, oxidation isn’t always problematic. In fact, ageing metal can often be beautiful! However, if extensive rusting and corrosion should occur then this CAN be detrimental to the metal’s integrity. If you are concerned about the patina of your metalwork, then we urge you to get in touch.

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