The Different Types Of Electroplating

At Unique Brass Finishes, we offer many electroplating services. Our team can use nickel, chrome, brass, gold, and copper. If you’re looking for metal plating specialists, check out this short guide we’ve put together to help narrow down your choices.


What is Electroplating?

The process of electroplating involves depositing a thin layer of metal onto another object. This is achieved through electrolysis. The electrical currents have a reaction with the water and metal which then transfers a fine coating onto an item. The different types of metal provide various advantages, but all of them achieve the purpose of additional durability.

At Unique Brass Finishes, whether you’re looking for nickel, chrome, brass, gold or copper plating, our professional metalworkers can complete this process efficiently and to the highest standard.

Chrome Electroplating

Chrome plating is very popular for the stunning and unique finish it provides. It’s used for both its decorative and utility-based benefits. There are many applications for this process, from door fittings to taps, and trophies to lights. The reflective finish is also highly sought-after for many vehicle parts. This can be lacquered and buffed to achieve various looks.

Chrome Tap

Brass Plating

Brass plating is a combination of both copper and zinc that can provide a classic finish. It’s mostly used as decorative plating on objects like name plaques or ornamental door handles. For a more traditional appearance, opt for brass.

antique door handles

Copper Electroplating

When you choose copper, you can pick from a variety of hues and a choice between bright, dull, semi-bright and satin. Copper resists corrosion so it’s perfect for many applications. You can cover many objects in copper like hinges, brackets, and industrial machinery.

As well as this, copper is a great thermal and electrical conductor. This means that it’s very useful for products that need to conduct heat, for example.

copper pans

Nickel Plating

This type of electroplating is quite popular due to its utility in many industries. It’s often used on nuts, bolts, engine, and brake parts because of its durability and corrosion resistance. You can opt for a bright or satin finish depending on the object you want. Nickel is considered extremely versatile compared to other metals.

metal nuts

Gold Plating

A layer of gold offers a stunning aesthetic for many objects. It’s used to improve the appearance of various items but can also be used for its conductive properties. We often deal with jewellery, antiques and even circuit boards.

golden door knobs

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