What Are The Advantages Of Chrome Plating?

Like most good things, metal don’t last forever. If left unchecked, rust and oxidation will corrode the metallic components in your products, leaving them a shadow of their former self. If this wasn’t convincing enough, there are a number of reasons why you should invest in chrome plating and restoration services for your beloved vehicle, ornaments and furniture pieces.

Chromium metal is highly valued for its durability and corrosion resistant properties. Many products are coated in chrome through the process of electroplating, but the metallic layer is vulnerable to deterioration. Refurbishing the chromium layer will reinstate the benefits of installing it in the first place.

So, why should you plate your products in chrome?

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Benefits Of Chrome Plating

Chrome plating is a method of safeguarding metal from corrosion. It adds a protective layer that extends the lifespan of your product, but it also adds aesthetic value through its lustrous shine and sleek finish. If the external chrome layer is compromised, the metal underneath becomes exposed to oxidisation (rust). This process is commonly used on vintage vehicles, jewellery, furniture, machine parts and more. Adding a chromium layer can also make your product easier to clean, as well as increase its overall hardiness.

It’s ideal in circumstances that present a higher risk of corrosion, such as the outdoors. This is why it’s a popular choice for vehicles and motorbikes compared to other plating materials, like steel, that bend under elemental pressure. You can expect your chrome plating to extend the lifespan of your metallic product. This also depends on the severity of its environment and the thickness of the plating. While it is resistant to corrosion, it’s not impervious.

Can You Avoid Metal Corrosion?

While rust and corrosion are an unfortunate circumstance of chemistry, it’s less likely to happen if you keep your chrome plating in pristine condition. Avoid dents and scratches that will expose the metal underneath, as contact with air and moisture will expedite the oxidisation process. This is why it’s important to keep your chrome in good condition.

Thankfully, chrome restoration is designed to circumvent this problem. Dents, pitting and surface damage must all be restored by a professional to preserve the integrity of the metal underneath. Minor instances of rust and dullness can usually be rectified with a vinegar solution.

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What Are The Benefits Of Chrome Restoration?

As chrome is also susceptible to a slow death, investing in a restoration service will ensure that your chrome plating can continue to preserve the robustness of your metallic products. Our specialist team can carry out premium restoration services to resurrect dull, tarnished and damaged chrome.

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If your vintage car, motorcycles or ornaments are in desperate need of TLC, get in touch with our expert team for top-tier chrome plating and restoration services. With a cumulative experience of over 70 years, you can have faith that we will restore your metallic items to their former glory.

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