Electroplating Examples | What Is Electroplating Used For?

It may seem like a highly technical service, but we interact with objects that have benefitted from electroplating on a daily basis. Put simply, electroplating is the process of applying a thin layer of metal to an object. This increases the object’s strength and enhances its aesthetic appeal.

Read on to find out more about which objects you come into contact with regularly that will have been electroplated.


There are a lot of kitchen tools and utensils which will have benefitted from metal coating. Without it, exposure to water and cleaning products will cause the metal to tarnish. Even your kitchen tap will be electroplated, most likely with a chrome finish. This makes it shiny and easier to keep clean.

metal pipe parts

Electronics & Machinery

A big benefit of electroplating is that treated components are resistant to rust, corrosion and weakening. For this reason, many parts that make up machines and electronics are electroplated. This helps them to last for longer without needing high levels of maintenance. A thin coating of metal can also be used to give conductive properties, which is particularly useful for circuit boards. You use electroplated materials every day with electronics like mobile phones.


Electroplated components for vehicles can include wheel rims, exhausts and grills. The added strength of metal plating means that your car lasts for much longer before the parts need replacing. If the metal parts on your car are looking a little dull, why not book an electroplating service? Chrome plating can really lift the look of your vehicle, as well as enhancing the durability of the part. You can also do this to motorbikes.

Alloy Wheels
Electroplated Medical Implants

Medical Implants & Joint Replacements

Some readers may be surprised to discover that they have electroplated materials inside their bodies! If you’ve had a knee replacement, for example, it’s very likely that the replacement component is electroplated.

Metal plating can benefit medical products because the metal can be selected for its biocompatibility properties. As well as this, you can be reassured that the process of electroplating has made your medical implant durable and resistant to corrosion.

For Electroplating Services, Choose Unique Brass Finishes

Now that you know how common electroplating is, you might have realised that you can benefit from this service! If you’d like to have your car, cutlery or anything else metal plated, get in contact. We’re experienced in coating a wide range of products. Our team can even restore antiques and treasured items. Contact us today to discuss any of our services with a member of our friendly team.

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